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Conventus’ platform technology expands possible by offering the first less-invasive, fragment-specific, easy-to-use system that matches the stability of locking plates.

The innovative nitinol implant platform: Expands from 5 mm introduction profile to lock within a prepared cavity Provides a 20% increase in subchondral surface area over locking plates Creates versatile angle-stable fragment fixation from virtually any angle Enables treatment of a broad range of fracture types Produces outstanding stability even in compromised bone Conventus’ innovative technology platform requires only a small incision over the access location, and a few small stab incisions closer to the joint. The surgical dissection is minimal, preserving soft tissues and blood supply to minimize stiffness, swelling, and pain. Conventus’ Core Principles of Fixation
  • Preserve tissues and blood supply at the fracture site
  • Enable anatomic reduction for all fracture types
  • Capture and stabilize all fragments to a strong foundation
  • Allow early mobilization after less invasive procedure
Conventus developed its innovative platform solution in adherence to these principles with distal radius fractures as the first target. Enabling patients’ rapid return to normal activities with as little pain as possible… Conventus, shares this goal with our surgeon customers. Working in conjunction with surgeons facing the daily challenges of periarticular fracture repair, Conventus came to understand the unmet need in fracture management technology – the space where innovation was possible. In this space between the needs of surgeons and the available solutions; Conventus expands possible for surgeons and their patients by pushing the envelope in less invasive orthopedics.



All surgical options for periarticular fractures have limitations and compromises.

None offer a complete solution.


A complete fixation solution should combine the benefits of all:
  • the stability of locking plates
  • the fragment specificity of percutaneous pinning
  • a less invasive approach
This would enable early motion, restore anatomical relationships and preserve soft tissues and the vascular supply around the fracture site. The Conventus technology platform combines these benefits without the compromises. It represents the first complete fixation solution for periarticular fractures – it expands possible in patient care.

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