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Francis Lamont Innovations Ltd  - 'FLI'

We created FLI to answer some design and development challenges asked by a pioneering surgeon who is focused on the reduction in hospital length of stay after major joint surgery.

We are a 'spin-out' from a well established design, development and manufacturing business with a versatile team and many years of experience in solving problems and unmet needs by designing pragmatic and innovative solutions.

Our 'founding project' is a device to assist surgeons in a particular approach to total hip replacement, known variously as 'Direct Anterior Supine', 'Anterior Minimally Invasive', 'Minimally Invasive Anterior' and 'Direct Anterior Approach'.

To avoid confusion with other work in this field, we shall use the term 'Direct Anterior Approach ' or 'DAA ' in this website.

Our solution to the perceived problem that the extra difficulty of carrying out DAA hip replacement is a major barrier to its adoption, in spite of the many benefits to the patients and the cost savings, is called the 'Francis Lamont Orthopaedic Table Extension' or 'FLOTE '.

We have carried out many cases of DAA hip replacement using FLOTE with great success and with a big impact of hospital length of stay - typically ~2-2.5 days compared with a UK national average of 7-8 days. In fact ~30% of otherwise healthy patients go home 'next day'.

The potential cost saving to a major hospital or health system from the reduced LOS alone is potentially hundreds of millions of pound each year.

We are now in the process of examining the optimum routes to market for our patented device, with the objective of achieving major adoption and diffusion as quickly and widely as possible.

To this end we are very interested to hear from potential 'partners' and investors with interests in the following sectors:

  • Surgeons already familiar with and practising with DAA - to test and evaluate our FLOTE device
  • Surgeons keen to adopt DAA but with concerns about the learning curve and perceived difficulties - to see if what we propose will overcome their concerns
  • Hospitals with an active attitude to both innovation and improved patient pathways that can also save money
  • Implant manufacturers looking to develop a 'joint approach' by optimising their implants for DAA and training surgeons in surgery using FLOTE
  • Investors interested in assisting us in reaching our ambitious targets more quickly

What is FLOTE?

FLOTE is a compact, lightweight, portable instrument that attaches to the end of any standard operating table.

CE compliant and deliberately 'low-tech' for reliability and cost, whilst being an efficient and clever design, it is self-contained and provides the surgeon (and technician) with simple control of the leg positioning required during the DAA hip replacement procedure - allowing the hip to be flexed, extended/distracted, abducted, adducted, rotated and reduced. It requires little strength and only a little training to operate successfully, under the control of the surgeon.

Any normal hip implant set can be used, regardless of manufacturer.

It simplifies a difficult procedure for the surgeonFLOTE can be packed away into a transit case which will fit in the back of a modest car. It can be wheeled into hospital and assembled commissioned, ready for demonstration or surgery, in 15 minutes. Once assembled it can readily be moved around on its own wheels and be moved from theatre to theatre and attached to the operating table for the next case.

  • Brings DAA into the same time frame as ‘traditional’ hip replacements - 45mins
  • A light, ‘bolt’on’ accessory for any operating table
  • Allows an un-scrubbed technician to manipulate the patient’s leg as required by the surgeon
  • Provides traction, adduction, abduction, raising, lowering, rotation in a stable, controlled, repeatable manner
  • Provides for complete intraoperation imaging (X-ray)
  • Allows full trial and final joint reduction with controlled flex and stability checks
  • British design and manufacture
  • Clever design but simple technology - for reliability & cost
  • Patent with 22 novel features claimed




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