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THE COMPANY - Delivering a New Standard Spinal Elements, Inc. is an innovative spine technology company that is Delivering a New Standard for spine surgery. Located in Carlsbad, California, Spinal Elements is known for its ability to design and bring to market products that introduce and set new industry standards. We have built a reputation as consistently Delivering a New Standard in all dimensions of our company. Mission Our goal is to advance the performance of spinal implants and instruments so that surgeons will have the tools they need to provide the best possible outcomes for their patients. History Since our company's founding, we've been at the forefront of spinal system innovation and engineering excellence. From our early work which helped make PEEK commonplace throughout the spine industry to our recent advancements in Controlled Delivery and Stand-Alone technology, Spinal Elements has been delivering value to our customers every step of the way. Spinal Elements was formed by Todd Andres and Jason Blain in November 2003 and was originally named Quantum Orthopedics, Inc. SEI began with a focus on developing technologies utilizing advance design and high-performance materials that could then be sold to (or distributed by) strategic corporate partners. Steve McGowan joined soon after Todd and Jason to round out the executive management team. In 2004, the Company moved into its corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, California and received the first product clearance for Lucent® and Crystal®. The business model helped propel PEEK to be viewed as a standard for interbody products throughout the spine industry and the company soon became one of the world's largest users of PEEK in medical applications. The company name officially changed to Spinal Elements, Inc. to reflect spine focus in 2006 and began efforts to develop and sell products featuring the Spinal Elements brand. Later that year it commercialized the world’s first polymer stand-alone cervical implant, Mosaic®. Since then many other products – Controlled Delivery Guns, Lucent Magnum®, Mercury®, Magnum+® – have been successfully launched, and a robust product pipeline is constantly being filled. Corporate Responsibility & Compliance At Spinal Elements we are committed to conducting business with integrity and to pursuing excellence in all that we do. Our management team and our Board of Directors are committed to honesty and compliance with all of the laws, rules, regulations and corporate policies that apply to our business, and we expect the same commitment from our employees, consultants, business partners and service providers.

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